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Joel Masewich: Melting Renewal

Melting Renewal
May 3 – June 16

Joel Masewich’s recent work has been inspired by trips to the Canadian north. In particular, seeing the moving and shifting ice has caught his imagination, and shaped the work in this exhibition.

Joel has become known for large abstract paintings where intricately cut stainless steel is mounted over the canvases. Brilliant flashes of reds, and blues interact with the reflective steel. These works evoke blocks of ice heaving off glaciers, where the steel is the cold, and the vibrant reds suggest the heat. Joel’s process of abstracting from nature highlights the hidden spiritual quality of the landscape. The show will feature a variety of approaches, from watercolour landscapes done on location, to studio collages that inject an abstract element into how the landscapes are seen, to the large, abstract, cut steel pieces. As a whole, the collection speaks to the evocative power of the ice, and touch on the impact of global warming and melting icecaps.

Joel will donate a portion of the sale of each piece to Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) in appreciation of their efforts to preserve valuable wilderness areas throughout Canada.

Joel Masewich is a professional visual artist, working full-time for the past 18 years. He is an abstract painter, working with acrylic on paper or canvas. His multi-layered, imaginary works represent his emotional response to landscapes, and sometimes to events or ideas. Many of his paintings are strongly horizontal and contain visual references to water or light. His vivid colours are sharply contrasting, as if lit by direct sunlight. Art collectors are drawn to the immediate, fresh quality of his work which crosses the boundary between landscape and abstract art. His technique is to layer the paints, then intermix them with palette knives and brushes, leaving a sharp and lively interplay of colour.

Joel would like to thank the following for their assistance in the exhibition:
Mike Hintermeister
Gordon Grose, Husky Farm Equipment
Peter Hattle, Westex Coatings
Chris Athers, Wyndam Art Supplies