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Artisan Shop

The Harris gallery features a more permanent showcase of artists on its walls, and is home to our lovely hand-made Artisan Market Shop, featuring unique and inspired handmade, artist-designed or eco-friendly finds at reasonable prices.

The Harris Gallery is located in the former Grade 1 classroom of the original stone schoolhouse.  It boasts the original schoolhouse lighting, large windows and wood floors of the original structure (there is even a remnant of a hopscotch outline on the floor!)

Artisan Market Shop

Our artisan market shop in the Harris Gallery features unique local, handmade or eco-friendly items for home and gifting.  The shop is always transforming and adding new products!  Right now, the shop features artisan designed crafted home decor, hand made home & beauty products, jewelery and sustainable / eco-friendly items and gifts.  We also feature the work of local artists at affordable prices.  Currently the walls in the shop feature the work of artists Rachel Albano and Carolyn Sharp.  We also carry found-object sculptural work by artist Nadine McEwen. Come see what is fresh, new and creative!

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