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Artisan Shop

The Harris gallery features a more permanent showcase of artists on its walls, and is home to our lovely hand-made Artisan Market Shop, featuring unique and inspired handmade, artist-designed or eco-friendly finds at reasonable prices.  Hundreds of creative finds – come and explore what’s new in the shop!

The Harris Gallery is located in the former Grade 1 classroom of the original stone schoolhouse.  It boasts the original schoolhouse lighting, large windows and wood floors of the original structure (there is even a remnant of a hopscotch outline on the floor!)

Artisan Market Shop: Handmade, Local, Eco-Friendly

We are committed to showcasing and supporting our artists and makers! Our handmade artisan market shop in the Harris gallery features up to 50 artists and makers at any given time, showcasing their unique, handmade or eco-friendly items - including pottery, self-care products, jewelry, bags, art cards and souvenirs.   The artisan shop also features hand crafted home decor and an assortment of "Elora" things we love at affordable prices.  You will also find original art and prints by local artists.  We are constantly introducing new artisans and makers and changing up the inventory, so stop by and see what is...

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