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Pavilion Project

The MacDonald Pavilion in the Yard @ ECFTA

Located near the north end of the property at the Elora Centre for the Arts, the performance pavilion will provide the creative community with the infrastructure to offer opportunities for cultural experiences to our region.  The pavilion will be fully accessible, with ramp and railings, to be used as a multi-use programming space that will accommodate a wide variety of artistic disciplines.  The project is scheduled to begin construction in late Fall 2022.

This project is part of a greenspace activation plan at the Centre, that includes an outdoor accessible pathway project with art installations, bike parking and maps, benches and picnic tables.  The 2 acre yard at the Elora Centre for the Arts is a not-so-hidden gem in the historic downtown area of our community.  The pavilion will create vibrant gathering space that encourages connection and artistic expression.



This project has been made possible in part thanks to The MacDonald Trust Legacy Fund administered by the Township of Centre Wellington, an application that was submitted in partnership with the Elora Centre for the Arts and Riverfest Elora.


Sound considerations

The Pavilion incorporates elements of design to assist with sound absorption and sound flow.  We conducted a sound study to gain expert advice on materials and design features that should be included.  You will notice the solid back wall and slanted side walls for muffling and directing sound.  The slanted roof assists with the direction of sound.  The location and orientation of the pavilion was selected so that the sound flow is directed toward Bissell Park and the River.  A sound fence will be installed at the north end of the property to further assist with containment.

The Elora Centre for the Arts values our neighbours and is committed to ensuring a continued positive relationship.  We have developed sound guidelines for use of the pavilion, as well as contractual requirements for all users regarding sound levels and strict shutdown times at night.   We will post the details here when they are finalized.


Performance/Use Considerations

We also consulted with community stakeholders (people who might be utilizing the pavilion in the future, like Elora Community Theatre, musicians, Elora Festival Singers, community organizers) to ensure we included elements of design that would suit their needs (storage space, roof piping to add temporary stage lighting, loading ramp, removeable side walls, slightly elevated stage with steps at the front).

Stay tuned for photos of work-in-progress!