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Past Exhibitions




  • Shape of Dance Exhibition by Jerre Davidson

    Opening Reception: Sunday January 12 from 2 – 4 PM. A behind-the-scenes look at how technology influences the artistic process: ‘Shape of Dance’ explores dance movements as 3 dimensional sculptures and demonstrates how the use of new technology in conjunction with old techniques can enhance the creation of contemporary sculptural work.  The exhibition includes models […]

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  • The Air Conditioned Nightmare: An exhibition by Tim Murton

    Could it be that we’ve been conditioned to live unnatural lives?  Like boiled frogs?  Welcome to the dark side of Tim Murton’s brain.  ‘The Air Conditioned Nightmare’ is a social commentary using satire and dark humour, often from a place of human disconnection and isolation, to shine a black light on the underbelly of our […]

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  • Fishwife Film & Costume Exhibit

    Presented by local film makers Emma Wardell and Gabriel Masewich. Opening Premiere is Thursday November 21 from 7-9PM in the gallery.  From November 22-24  the film will run on loop in the gallery (in case you missed the opening night). Also on display will be costumes featured in the film. Fishwife is a experimental film […]

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  • Journey Into Process: Exhibition by Laurie Skantzos

    Open House Reception: Saturday December 7 | 2 – 4PM ‘Journey into Process’ explores the flow and evolution of Laurie’s practise during her studio time here at the Elora Centre for the Arts. Laurie’s contemporary, process driven painting is largely inspired by the interactions of colour, shape and application. She studied fine art at the […]

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  • Elora Fergus Studio Tour 2019 – Minarovich gallery at the Elora Centre for the Arts

    The Elora Centre for the Arts is honoured to feature a sample of work from all participating Studio Tour artists in the Minarovich gallery during the studio tour.  Start your tour at the Centre and plan your route from there, using the self-guided map provided.  This is a great opportunity to go behind the scenes […]

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  • Tim Murton Satellite Studio Show – Harris Gallery

    You are invited to this satellite studio show featuring local artist Tim Murton in the Harris gallery. The exhibition will feature some of Tim’s fresh and bright oil paintings from his new collection.  Tim Murton’s painting style ranges from impressionism to photo-realism, but his work is always inspired by the qualities of light. About the […]

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  • Bubblegum Landscapes by Frances Hahn

    “All my dreams fall and form a bridge of memory where I can get back”. Frances Hahn doesn’t attempt to paint a clear representation of the landscape, but takes from both reality and her best wondering about the place. She assembles these much like a puzzle into a simplified interpretation of beauty. While her visual […]

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  • Fabric of Memory Exhibition: Pam Lobb & Tammy Ratcliff

    Fabric of Memory: Perforations and Passages in printmaking and fibre arts. Featuring the work of Toronto artist Pam Lobb and Guelph artist Tammy Ratcliff. In Fabric of Memory both artists are using print and textiles to explore narratives of nostalgia and memory that develop through the deconstructing, editing and reconstructing of materials. Pam is working from […]

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  • See the Forest Through the Trees: a Planet Youth exhibition in support of mental health

    This is a student art gallery show at the Elora Centre for the Arts, featuring juried work that draws upon trees as creative inspiration. We will celebrate the strength, healing and resiliency found in trees and highlight how we can learn, grow and face challenges like they do, despite the storms that come.  High school […]

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  • Elora En Plein Air Show & Sale

    The Elora en Plein Air festival is coming soon! Artists and visitors are welcome to participate or observe this wonderful weekend event (May 16 – 19). The weekend wraps up with a Show & Sale at the Elora Centre for the Arts on Sunday May 19 from 1-5PM. For more information visit http://www.elorapleinair.ca  

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  • H2O For Good

    H2O FOR GOOD: 3 ARTISTS | 3 WALLS | 1 PLANET This exhibition features the work of 3 different artists who have been inspired by our oceans, lakes or rivers.  Water speaks to us in many ways.  And it has a lot to teach and remind us.  Rebecca Brianceau, Carolyn Sharp and Helen Utsal have […]

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  • METROPOLITANS by Sherry Czekus

    How has technology changed our perception of a real “live” crowd experience?  What is our role within a crowd in the modern world?  Are we a participant, an observer or not present at all? In ‘Metropolitans’, Czekus considers the crowd as an entity that forms as a result of the structure of the urban environment. […]

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