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‘Everything in its right place”: an exhibition by Callie Gray

October 7, 2021 - January 23, 2022


A solo exhibition by Callie Gray

Artist Statement 

‘Everything it its Right Place’ is an exhibition about things falling together in ways you may not anticipate, but turn out better than expected. It’s about positivity, acceptance and walking toward well-being. I hope this show lifts your heart.

Have you ever had a moment where everything in your life seems to be in its right place!? Like a painting where every element belongs; nothing to be removed, nothing to be added, it has arrived at that place where everything is right. But it’s not just about the painting; it’s about having this show, at this time, and in this place, and you reading this and experiencing this show in person.

It’s about positivity, well-being, and acceptance of all that is as part of one ‘Big Thing’ and everything is in its right place.  And being ok with all of it.  Learning to sit in the moment where it all fell together, different from what you hoped, better than you could have imagined.  It’s about perspective, and being ready to shift that view when there are things outside of your control that you just have to let go of.

My paintings are an intuitive culmination of all I have observed, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Currently I am surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the Elora Gorge and this is what is coming out in my artwork.

To view Callie’s virtual gallery please click here.


About the Artist:

Beautiful Art Lives Here

I’m Callie Gray, an award winning international artist, and I create vibrantly colorful canvases.

I am fascinated in art as a language that bridges the physical and spiritual worlds. Through mindfulness, as I paint, I am able to connect to a deeper source within me, which is both healing and transcendent. It allows me to use spontaneous mark making and paint intuitively. Through this process I find greater understanding of myself and experience a unique connection to the world around me. And if it connects with someone and gives them joy then I have done my job.