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Youth Explosion

Youth Explosion
November 29 – December 16

Gallery Hours
Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Weekends 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Centre Wellington District High School – Fergus

  • Lindsay Adams
    Elizabeth Barnes
    Jessica Buchanan
    Alanah Crouse
    Courtney Elliot
    Yanna Hanscomb
    Emily Martin
    Madeline Neff
    Kaitlin Pletch
    Stephanie Poirier
    Camiee Reed
    Brittany Schantz
    Genevieve Shave
    Christina Simmons
    Laura Sloan

Norwell District Secondary School – Palmerston

  • Josh Alexander
    Thomas Bexton
    Justin Freeland
    Sarina Doer
    Ammanda Grice
    Dani Hill
    Mary Jones
    Leanne Kochut
    Terri Lee
    Aaron Lyons
    Danielle McConnell
    Jared Shiels
    Marina Signer
    Lea-Ann Snyder
    Thomas Van Stee
    Nikki Winger
    Megan Wright
    Ashley Zwarycz
    Katie Zwarycz

Wellington Heights Secondary School – Mount Forest

  • Mike Ashley
    Conor Bierne
    Matt Doney
    Suzie Florence
    Emily Hodges
    Jessica McEwen
    Natalie Orr
    Sarah Pride
    Brittany Sivill
    Sarah Stokes
    Jamie Woods

High school is arguably one of the most frustrating times of a teenager’s life. However, the high school art room can be a haven for creative spirits, a place where students explore, create, and share their passions. “Youth Explosion”, features the works of selected grade 11 and 12 students from Centre Wellington District High School in Fergus, Norwell Secondary School in Palmerston, and Wellington Heights Secondary School in Mount Forest. This exhibition will promote the work of these young people, and enable us to see the world through their eyes. Their works often reflect their questions, pleasures, struggles, and hopes for the future. Dorothy Ames, Chair of the Elora Centre of the Arts, knows first hand how important art programming is in high school. “I didn’t do well with the “3 Rs” – reading, writing and arithmetic. The stress of being expected to do well in those subjects can be overwhelming. If it hadn’t been for the great teachers that I had, who saw that my strength was in the arts and fostered that talent, I would have been one of those kids that fell through the cracks. It’s imperative that students who do well artistically be given a showcase to let their special talent shine through”. The exhibition will feature a cross section of the best work from each school. The teachers are thrilled to have this opportunity to further promote the artistic talent of the teens by allowing them to show their works in a gallery setting. “I’m really pleased that there is a vehicle for these students to show their work,” says Phil Irish, local artist and gallery curator. “When I was in high school, we didn’t have any place to show our art. There was a group of us who stayed after school and used the art room like it was our own personal studio. Being able to have their work in a gallery will open their eyes to what lies beyond the classroom, and encourage them to think beyond high school and towards a career in something they are already passionate about.”