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Seniors & Youth Collaborative Mural Project

This wonderful intergenerational arts group for local children and seniors ran at the Elora Centre for the Arts in 2018.  Throughout the weekly sessions, the senior participants shared their life stories with the children who documented them in altered books and collaborated to paint an expansive garden mural together.The purpose of the project was to connect generations for community relationship building, mutual enrichment and sense of belonging as they explored new skills with different art mediums together.The process sparked conversation, story sharing and offered a safe creative space to reduce isolation and barriers between generations.Project facilitator and PSW, Stephanie Lines-Toohill lead the project with her community-building mindset and creative arts magic.



The Process

Participants enjoyed the focus of the mural project, lead by Art Educator Judy Anderson which incorporated each artists’ favourite flower on 3 full sheets of plywood.  The sense of accomplishment by the groupwas so rewarding to witness!The artists worked diligently together through the many stages of under painting, design, colour and detail. Voila!  The finished piece is a glorious garden of shared blossoming goodness!After the mural was complete, it was showcased as part of a Planet Youth Exhibition where friends, family and community could visit to see the finished mural and celebrate their accomplishments!

This mural project was supported by a grant from The Guelph Community Foundation.

Such a significant piece, created with so much care, collaboration and connection, needs to be shared with the community, so we are thrilled it has found a permanent home within the outdoor “Paths the Connect Us” project at the Elora Centre for the Arts!

The Installation


Ben and Neil from Cousins & Johnsons dug the holes and installed the posts for this massive mural.