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Gesture & Geometry: the collective works of Chris Ahlers, David Brown and Laurie Skantzos.

Their distillations of real and imagined spaces navigate the threshold between observation & abstraction, the deliberate and the intuitive. Guelph artist Chris Ahlers’ acrylic and mixed media paintings employ geometric and geomorphic abstraction, colour play and the exploration of materials to invite interpretation both as scenes and surfaces.  Toronto based artist David Brown’s abstract encaustic paintings utilize beeswax, oil, and spray paint to construct a multi-layered, multi-sensory experience.  Guelph artist Laurie Skantzos’ process driven painting is largely inspired by the interactions of colour, shape and application. She works with oil and cold wax medium, layering shapes upon shapes, adding richness and textures to the surface.


To read artist bios in more detail, please view our Gesture and Geometry Exhibition at the Elora Centre for the Arts Press Release.

Dawn Owen, Curator of Guelph Museums visited each studio and wrote a thoughtful and insightful piece about the work in the Gesture & Geometry exhibition.  To read it, please click here.