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Harris Gallery & Pop Up Shop

The Harris Gallery is located in the former Grade 1 classroom of the original stone schoolhouse.  It boasts the original schoolhouse lighting, large windows and wood floors of the original structure (there is even remnants of a hopscotch outline on the floor!)  The Harris gallery features rotating curated and invitational exhibitions by visual artists, and is home to a lovely hand-made market pop up shop featuring unique and inspired gift ideas and decor at reasonable prices.

To see what’s going on in the Minarovich gallery, click here.

H2O For Good

H2O FOR GOOD: 3 ARTISTS | 3 WALLS | 1 PLANET April 4 - June 23, 2019 | OPENING RECEPTION Saturday April 6 from 2 - 4PM This exhibition features the work of 3 different artists who have been inspired by our oceans, lakes or rivers.  Water speaks to us in many ways.  And it has a lot to teach and remind us.  Rebecca Brianceau, Carolyn Sharp and Helen Utsal have each embraced the beauty of water in a way that will harken peaceful days at the beach, the power and might of the ocean, the restful calm of our...

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Handmade Artisan Market & Eco-Friendly Pop up Shop

NOW OPEN!  Our pop up shop features local, handmade and unique items for home and gifting.  The shop is always transforming and adding new products!  Right now, the shop features sustainable and eco-friendly home decor, beauty products and gifts to compliment the H20 for Good exhibition: handmade reusable shopping bags (with cork trim!), all-natural handmade beauty products, eco-friendly water bottles, recycled glass from Spain, natural hand-dyed clothing, handmade macrame plant holders, water-inspired jewellery, Water is Life T-shirts and more!  Our collection of Wendy Tancock designed Canadian treasures is also back! Come see what is fresh, new and creative!

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Bubblegum Landscapes by Frances Hahn

June 27 - September 15, 2019 | Opening reception Thursday June 27  from 7 - 9PM "All my dreams fall and form a bridge of memory where I can get back". Frances Hahn doesn't attempt to paint a clear representation of the landscape, but takes from both reality and her best wondering about the place. She assembles these much like a puzzle into a simplified interpretation of beauty. While her visual work is either figurative or abstract landscape, the common subject is imagined memory. Future, past and fantasy have equal weight.   Special thank you to the BLACK DRESS EVENT...

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