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2019 Gallery Archive

Elora En Plein Air Show & Sale

The Elora en Plein Air festival is coming soon! Artists and visitors are welcome to participate or observe this wonderful weekend event (May 16 - 19). The weekend wraps up with a Show & Sale at the Elora Centre for the Arts on Sunday May 19 from 1-5PM. For more information visit http://www.elorapleinair.ca  

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H2O For Good

H2O FOR GOOD: 3 ARTISTS | 3 WALLS | 1 PLANET This exhibition features the work of 3 different artists who have been inspired by our oceans, lakes or rivers.  Water speaks to us in many ways.  And it has a lot to teach and remind us.  Rebecca Brianceau, Carolyn Sharp and Helen Utsal have each embraced the beauty of water in a way that will harken peaceful days at the beach, the power and might of the ocean, the restful calm of our rivers.  The exhibition will also remind us that our water is precious, and clean water is...

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METROPOLITANS by Sherry Czekus

How has technology changed our perception of a real "live" crowd experience?  What is our role within a crowd in the modern world?  Are we a participant, an observer or not present at all? In ‘Metropolitans’, Czekus considers the crowd as an entity that forms as a result of the structure of the urban environment. Looking back to Flaneurism in the late 19th c in Europe, Czekus investigates the rise of urban culture as a social phenomenon where people took to the sidewalks of the city, as a way to see and be seen, interacting, socializing publicly. She records her...

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Elements of Creation is a collaborative exhibition showcasing the Five Elements that help determine the outcome of the artistic process and the relationship of these energies between eight local artists. Featuring original artwork by artists from the Elora Centre for the Arts Schoolhouse Art Cooperative: Leah Blagden, Megan Cleland, Julianna Cox, Emi Embrey, Carol Gregg, Teri Hranka, Nadine McEwan and Charlene Van Rees. In their upcoming exhibition, Elements of Creation, the Schoolhouse Art Collective decided to utilize the five fundamental reasons why life exists to find commonality within their unique and varied approaches. The elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind...

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Fire & Steel

FIRE & STEEL: CONTEMPORARY BLACKSMITHING FORGED IN FIRE: This exhibition showcases a collaborative group of artist blacksmiths from across Southwestern Ontario. The collection of handmade objects is a cross-section of functional, architectural and sculptural ironwork. This compelling body of work is an honest expression of what is capturing the imagination of blacksmiths, who make a living hammering hot metal in order to re-shape it into useful, pleasing or thought-provoking objects of art. Participating artist blacksmiths include Mike Armstrong, Wolfgang Bleckert, Aimie Botelho, Megan Carter, David Cross, Sandra Dunn, Bronson Kozdas, Daniel Linkenheld, Darrell Markowitz, Robb Martin, Scott McKay, Mark Puigmarti,...

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Gesture & Geometry: the collective works of Chris Ahlers, David Brown and Laurie Skantzos.

'Gesture & Geometry: Navigating the threshold between observation and abstraction' Assembled in the Minarovich Gallery at The Elora Centre for the Arts, the work of award winning artists Chris Ahlers, David Brown and Laurie Skantzos calls your attention and requests your presence. Dawn Owen, Curator at Guelph Museums describes the show best in this excerpt from her critical essay (see attached): “‘Gesture and Geometry’ features the work of three abstract painters. They share a mode of expression and have parallel interests in materiality and process, as well as techniques. This exhibition marks the first instance in which the paintings of...

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