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School Outreach Program: in-house or at school

September 9, 2019 @ 8:30 am - June 19, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

For the 2019/20 school year calendar, the Elora Centre for the Arts is offering several Outreach programs to classrooms throughout the Upper Grand District School Board.
These programs are ECFTA Arts Educator guided, in-classroom or in-house (ECFTA) workshops, designed to supoort cirriculum and bring the many unique benefits of art-making to your students. We offer 2 themes, each containing diverse projects, designed to fit into two 50 minute blocks (100 minutes total). There are 8 projects available in total.  The cost is $6 per student, per project, materials included.

To print the full menu of projects (with sample images) click here.

For more information, or to book a workshop please email Judy Anderson, Programming & Arts Educator at frontdesk@ecfta.ca or call 519-846-9698


Into the Woods: The Canadian Landscape

Emily Carr: Floating Forests –  “I can paint like Emily Carr”
Inspired by Emily Carr’s deep and spiritual connection to the forests of the west coast, young artists will create their very own “cathedral” of trees. Acrylic and pastel on black paper (18”x24”)
Learn about: foreground, middle and background, monochromatic colour, scale and movement of line.

Lauren Harris: North of 60 – “I can paint like Lauren Harris”
Explore Lauren Harris’ fascination with icebergs, isolation and the Canadian far north in the 1920-30’s Acrylic on panel (12”x16”).  Learn about: simplified abstraction, definition of line, monochromatic cools and expressing mood through landscape.

Tom Thompson: Algonquin Dream –  “I can paint like Tom Thompson”

The Ontario north both inspired and consumed the legendary Tom Thompson in the early 1900’s. Artists will explore the coloured brush strokes of an autumnal Algonquin wooded landscape..
Acrylic and pastel on black paper (18”x24”) or mdf panel  Learn about: deep intense colour, colour blocking, intimate space, setting a horizon line.


Mini Modernists: Modernism in the 20th Century

Picasso: Blue Self Portrait – “I can paint like Picasso”
Inspired by Picasso’s Blue period, 1901-04.  Create a ¾ view head and shoulders portrait to express each artists’ unique self.  Watercolour and pen on paper (11”x18”)  Learn about: tonal values, proportion, gaze and self representation.

Georges Rodrigue: Blue Dog (Loop Garou) – “I can paint like Georges Rodrigue”
Recreate Rodrigue’s 1990’s iconic blue dog based on the Cajun legend, loop garou and ask; Why is the dog blue? Why not?”  Acrylic and ink on paper (18”x24”)  Learn about: abstraction with colour, contour line definition, imaginary subjects.

Marc Chagall: Imaginary Landscapes – “I can paint like Marc Chagall”
Design a dreamy, swirling, surrealist world of floating houses and clouds, inspired by Russian-Jewish artist March Chagall. 1910-30’s.  Chalk, oil pastel and ink on brown paper (11”x24”).  Learn about: expressing imaginary forms, vibrant colour, blending and bending line.

Contemporary Abstraction: Floral

Working from a still life arrangement, young artists will explore abstraction using both a warm and cool palette and define their abstract painting with Chinese brush and ink line drawing.
Acrylic and India ink on paper (11’x17”).  Learn about: observational drawing, colour abstraction, warm vs cool palette and bold line.

Matisse’s Many Goldfish – “I can paint like Henri Matisse”
Inspired by French post-impressionist master, Henri Matisse, artists will learn about his ground-breaking use of bold colour and love of painting everyday objects. Acrylic and pen on paper (11”x17”).  Learn about: proportion, perspective, shape and dynamic colour.


September 9 @ 8:30 am
June 19, 2020 @ 3:00 pm
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