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Call for Artist – submission deadline June 25

Deadline Friday June 25, 2021

Project:  The Paths that Connect Us

Funded by the Government of Canada’s Healthy Communities Initiative Program

Outdoor engaging spaces that promote art, engagement, and connection on the grounds of the Elora Centre for the Arts.

The Government of Canada and Community Foundations of Canada’s Healthy Communities Initiatives granting program have selected the Elora Centre for the Arts ‘Paths that Connect Us’ outdoor project!  The Elora Centre for the Arts (ECFTA) is planning to transform their 2-acre greenspace into a vibrant gathering space that encourages community connection and creativity, celebrating the paths that connect us – to each other, to nature, and to our neighbourhoods.

‘The Paths that Connect Us’ project at the Elora Centre for the Arts will include an accessible walking pathway around the perimeter of their yard, with engaging outdoor art, picnic tables, benches and bicycle parking.  It also includes an artist- made trail map installation that will highlight the biking & rolling trails that connect our neighbourhoods, in partnership with Green Lanes.  It will also identify points of interest within walking distance of downtown Elora to encourage walking and biking.

The project will include an outdoor art gallery pathway, showcasing sculptures, murals, and rotating outdoor art.    The project includes a community pathways trail map  and points of interest that we would like an artist to create.

The Call:

  • The project includes the installation of a two-sided trail map that shows walking and biking trails that connect our communities and neighbourhoods
  • We are looking for an artist / illustrator to render an artistic map drawing, painting or illustration showing the trail system and various walking/biking routes that connect Elora, Fergus and surrounding area (reference maps will be provided). One side will show a wide viewpoint of several connecting bike/walking trails, the second side will feature a close-up version of the walkable trails and routes directly from the property at ECFTA)
  • The selected artist will be paid an honorarium of $2,000


  • The size of the painted / illustrated map will be roughly 5 ft wide x 3 ft tall, 2 sides (smaller originals can be made and then enlarged electronically)
  • The map will be printed and encased behind plexi-glass and framed, installed in cement footings within the bicycle area of the project

Submission Requirements:

  • Please provide at least 3 or 4 examples of work that demonstrate the style and approach you would take when developing the artistic version of the maps (a rough sketch is optional)
  • Please provide a brief description outlining your creative approach, style or vision for creating a “piece of art” map
  • Please provide a brief artist bio
  • Submit all information within one email, with appropriate attachments to Lianne Carter director@ecfta.ca


  • Submission deadline: Friday June 25, 2021
  • Selection of artists/ announcement: week of June 28th, 2021
  • Installation of map: week of September 6, 2021.  (please note if the selected artist requires more time, we can postpone installation until Spring 2022)

To print a summary of this call for artists, please click here.

To read the press release outlining more details about ‘The Paths that Connect Us’ and the Healthy Communities Initiative in Canada, please click here.


Conceptual artist sketches of ‘The Paths that Connect Us’ outdoor project at the Elora Centre for the Arts:




Conceptual artist sketches by youth artist Alura Sutherland.