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Art Gazing in the Great Outdoors

March 13 - May 10, 2020

A virtual outdoor experience that inspires us to find creativity in nature and get outside to explore.

Engage you senses with this interactive virtual reality outdoor experience in the gallery!  You will feel like you are in a campsite in the wilderness under a starry sky.  You will smell the pine of the forest around you and hear the calls of nature.  Inside the “tent” (virtual reality dome) you will learn about famous artists who have been inspired by the great outdoors.  Try out our prototype interactive station, or add your own brush stroke to our massive community wall mural in the style of AJ Casson (Group of Seven artist who was inspired by our country’s wilderness).

We hope this virtual outdoor experience will engage people through art and technology and then encourage you to get outside in the “real” outdoors and enjoy the inspiring qualities of nature all around us!  We all know that spending time in nature has healing benefits, can restore and ground us and ignite our creativity – let’s spend more time in it this year!

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Creativity, Art and Mental Health Well-Being:

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