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About Us

Our vision is to develop and strengthen an open and accessible non-profit arts and cultural centre that promotes, teaches and nourishes the arts and arts appreciation through exhibitions, programs, and performances.


The Elora Centre for the Arts is located in a restored, three-story limestone school house in one of Ontario’s most picturesque villages.  We are located in the heart of the village, steps from downtown and cross from the Grand River and Bissell Park.

We have a main gallery space where artist exhibitions are featured ongoing throughout the year.  A second gallery and artisan shop features an artisan shop with handmade and artist-designed pieces.  Admission to the gallery and Artisan shop are free (by donation if you wish).  To find out what is showing in our galleries click here.  Throughout the year, live music performances and special events are hosted in the gallery or out in our yard.  To find out more about upcoming events click here.

Our classroom space is utilized for creative workshops for adults and youth.  Find out more about our adult classes or youth workshops.

The Elora Centre for the Arts is a charitable organization and unique community resource that fosters creativity, a high level of artistic expression, and the belief that a vibrant arts centre is integral to the health of our community.

Our Vision

The building consists of 10 large classrooms converted to provide over 10,000 square feet of dedicated studio, gallery, and performance space. It is the vision of the ECFTA to provide a facility that enhances cultural life in the region through the fostering of art practice and presentation, production and reception.

The Elora Centre for the Arts is firmly grounded in the belief that contemporary art in all its various forms has the capacity to nurture the lives of those living, working, and visiting here. We view the arts as part of a healthy functioning society and participation in the arts as integral to the health and happiness of our communities. Hence, we provide transformative educational opportunities to art-makers of all ages and skill levels. Our programs and workshops are designed and led by professional artists and arts educators from a variety of backgrounds whose foremost goal is to foster creativity in a fun, inclusive and nurturing environment. At the ECFTA, it is our mandate to instill a life-long love of learning through the arts.

The Centre is a space where visual and media arts, music, dance, theatre, and the literary arts can come together and thrive.

Our Covid-19 Safety Protocol – within the building (when open to the public: we are currently closed due to a province-wide lockdown)

As our tenants and ECFTA prepare to re-open our building to the public, we are taking the health and safety of our instructors, staff, students and participants very seriously.  Each of our tenants will have their own specific safety protocols and procedures, however for the shared and public spaces within the building, the following will be in effect as of September 1, 2020:

Shared / Public Spaces within the Building


  1. Main floor and upstairs washrooms will be cleaned by a professional cleaning company 2 times per week
  2. Main floor and upstairs washrooms will be inspected, and counter surfaces will be cleaned twice a day
  3. Hand hygiene signs will be posted in all washrooms
  4. Cleaning and inspection schedules will be posted at the entrance to both washrooms
  5. A limit of 2 people in the main floor washrooms at a time. Washrooms upstairs are single use only

Main Hallways and Staircases

  1. Masks must be worn in all public areas of the building. This does not apply to children under the age of two, or individuals who are unable to wear it due to medical reasons (according to Public Health Ontario guidelines)
  2. Signage for walls and floors in common spaces will help visitors and students maintain physical distance from one another where possible, and remind that masks must be worn
  3. Directional signage for the flow up and down the staircases are clearly marked. In the south end of the building one staircase is designated for dance studio participants the other is for Karate Dojo participants (during programming times for those tenants).  In the north end of the building, only one person on the staircase at a time.  Instructors are responsible for ensuring the safe flow of students up and down the staircases
  4. Guests and students are asked to bring home all garbage and recycling rather than using the public garbage bins within the building
  5. Please no loitering in hallways

ECFTA Workshop and Classroom

  1. Class sizes have been reduced.  We have added a second workshop space to accommodate the overflow from our classroom (when required). This will allow each student to have their own workspace, separated by 6 feet
  2. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the front entrance, with a sign to remind students and visitors to sanitize before entering
  3. Workshop participants will sign in with their name and contact information, and record their temperature.  A waiver form will also be provided
  4. Workshop participants and gallery visitors are required to wear a mask
  5. Outdoor workshops will be set up so that participants are 6 feet apart.  Washrooms are available inside, however we ask that you adhere to the washroom guidelines as indicated

Tenant spaces open to the public for programming (Karate Dojo, Fergus Elora Dance Studio, Elora Festival Singers)

  1. Each tenant must provide hand sanitizer at the entrance of their space, with a sign to remind students and visitors to sanitize before entering
  2. It is up to each tenant to determine if they will take the temperature of each visitor, and/or provide waiver forms applicable to the program or service they are offering
  3. Tenants are responsible for staggering the entry/exit of students between classes to make sure there is no overlap of students leaving and arriving. Tenants are responsible for communicating procedures to their students or visitors